Emerald Isle Trilogy

Praise for The Emerald Isle Trilogy:

“This was a very sweet read, and it wasn’t only because of all the delectable baked goods described! Bakery owner Aubriee is a very likable character, and everyone around her seems to fall in love with her almost instantly, including dreamy Irish rocker, Declan. But as much as everything seems to be aligning perfectly, they both have pasts that threaten to tear them apart.

The supernatural element was intriguing, and since I know this is part of a series, I’m interested in how that will play out and if we’ll see more of that aspect.

This was a quick, delightful read. I enjoyed watching Aubriee and Declan’s relationship grow. And based on the ending, I hope Aubriee does give in and indulge in a Guiness someday! Wink.”

“Classic romance with a twist of Ireland. The Irish Baker is a delightful quick romance, with a relatable couple at the center (who doesn’t like to bake? who doesn’t like music?!) surrounded by fun and flushed-out secondary characters. A contemporary romance by and Indie author that is certainly well on her way to hitting her stride.”

“What a lovely romance! I’ve never been to Ireland, and this book gave me a longing to go there. What fun it would be to go on a day of sightseeing and end up in front of a fireplace at a local pub, listening to Irish ballads.”

Amazon Purchase Link: https://amzn.to/3q1Srt7

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