Descendants Trilogy

Dragons have returned.
Magic is no longer forbidden.
The Realms are thriving.
Yet, a darkness lurks.

A mysterious frost invades the now peaceful Realms, jeopardizing its fragile new era forged of magic, dragon fire, and human spirit thanks to the reborn Dragon Ryders. When the Ryders are called away, the protection of the Realms and all those who call them home, fall into the hands of their descendants.
Orien, steadfast and gifted, is not only Rilee’s adoptive brother but also her protector.
Rilee is without magic, an ugly stigma amongst the Ryders, yet she refuses to back down from the challenges that face her.
Yannara, a fellow Ryder and only daughter to one of the legendary Ryders, is determined to prove her father’s fears are unfounded.
Together they must face the unknown. An insidious force threatens the very land itself, disturbing beings best left in slumber. Orien, Rilee, and Yannara face not only external threats, but those from within. Not confronting even one danger would risk destroying everything.

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